Why is My Music Not Being Noticed?

Nedd Pel

Nedd Pel

Founder & CEO of We Do Promotion

I am sure that at some stage of our music development or career, we have all asked this question. You might have even wondered why some bands or artists have gotten more recognition than you and yet you’re far better than them.

You probably think that you deserve more than what other musicians have gotten, especially when they’ve already become famous while you’re still struggling to get your first gig going.

So, what is the problem?!

These are just a few questions we often ponder as we strive to fulfill our career dream. I totally understand this and they are normal thoughts. However, you don’t ever want to dwell on them for too long, otherwise, they can become very discouraging. Instead, you want to use these questions as motivators. You want to view them with the intent to improve or to find out where you went wrong and can do better.

What Does it Take to “Make it”?

If you really look at all the artists and bands that seemed to have made an overnight sensation, you will notice that they’ve actually been grinding it out for years, maybe even longer than when you started getting serious about music.

In reality, no one who is truly talented gets famous in one day or for just one thing. Yes, their growth in reputation may have started because of an event, but their recognition is usually because they have done the hard work and have what it takes.

Let’s take Van Halen, for example. The brothers, Eddie and Alex, had actually formed their first band in fourth grade. So, before their fame much later in their adult life, they’ve been performing for a very long time!

Of course, not everyone starts young and you can be just as talented later in life. It just means that you have to be a little more patient because perfection will always take time.

Your Product is Not Just Your Music

Your Product is Not Just Your Music

Believe it or not, people don’t just look at your music. There are many other factors that influence how people feel about you and your tracks. These are:

  • Your image; do you look good on the stage?
  • Your biography; do you have an interesting background?
  • Your talent; do you have something unique?
  • Your dedication; do you give it your all?
  • Your energy; are you enthusiastic or lively?
  • Your marketing methods; do you use the right platforms?
  • Your business skills; do you display professionalism?

Finally, the factor that is probably the most critical in growth and retention is how you treat or interact with your fans and promoters.

My Music Not Being Noticed

In Conclusion

I would suggest that you take your time thinking about these factors that I mentioned. Have some alone time to introspect. It’s always important to really know where you’re at and what the next step to take is.

Some of these factors may not mean much to you, but unfortunately, they do matter and make a difference in more ways than you know. Be honest with yourself, there’s always room for improvement.

I can guarantee you that once you start applying these ingredients, you’ll start to get more exposure and maybe even win that gig you’ve always wanted.

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Join over 90,000 artists and subscribe to our weekly tips & tricks for promote your music!

Nedd Pel

Nedd Pel

Founder & CEO of We Do Promotion

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