How you can use Instagram to promote your music?

Nedd Pel

Founder & CEO of We Do Promotion

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world and one of the most effective platforms to market your music.
Here in this article, I’m going to talk about marketing automation for Instagram so that you can know how to grow your Instagram profile.

What is Marketing Automation?

As a producer, my secondary focus is marketing. In order to create a large fan base, the most successful way is to market. Marketing plays a huge role in letting people in your community or even in the world know about your musical talent.
Unfortunately, marketing can get complicated and especially time-consuming. You definitely don’t want to compromise your producing time for your marketing time, so this is where marketing automation comes in handy.
Marketing Automation is about using software to automate your marketing activities, such as your emails, your website, or even your social media. Most often, marketing tasks can be repetitive, so marketing automation can assist you in this field.

What is Instagram Automation?

Everyday there are thousands of new posts on Instagram, so trying to keep up on your own might become a challenge. Instagram automation is all about using technology to help you with your Instagram activities. This marketing tool has increasingly become popular for musicians, as it can help them reach more listeners while growing their account.
Nowadays, if people are looking for something to buy, the first thing they tend to do is check their social media profile, as this is usually where they spend most of their time on. In this case, it is Instagram.

Instagram is especially useful if you are an artist or a dj and you want to promote yourself. Along with your personal profile, it has a business profile option. Even if you originally wanted to use it for personal use, you could always switch to business mode.

When you’re in business mode, there are sections where you can see your marketing progress or results. There you are able to view how many people shared or saved your items, the number of people that visited your profile, and you can also see what region or country these audiences come from.

To fully utilize the business profile and Instagram automation, however, it is very important that you know about the Instagram algorithm. Understanding this will definitely help you know how you can grow your Instagram profile and build your fan base.


Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

Basically, the Instagram algorithm is about what it takes to grow your account. For example, the algorithm right now is all about the user’s engagements. In other words, you’ll start seeing posts related to what you’ve been engaging in. However, this algorithm can change regularly, which could be every year or maybe every few months, so always pay attention to the algorithm.

Understanding this algorithm is essential for your profile’s growth and Instagram automation can help you with this. Keep in mind that you still have to do some work yourself. The best characteristic to grow your Instagram profile and eventually reach more listeners is to be active and engaging while using Instagram automation. If people realize that your account is interactable or alive, they’ll think you’re a real person and will begin acknowledging you.

One of the ways you can utilize marketing automation on Instagram is by working together. Don’t just let the automation do all the work. When you also engage in other people’s profiles, this can have remarkable effects on your profile quality and even encourage others to follow you. This can show that you not only are quick to respond through Instagram automation, but you also connect with them on a personal level. This is ultimately what all followers or fans want

The Strategies of Instagram Growth

Like I said above, building a relationship with others can lead you to become more known. Marketing automation is a great help, but you want to engage yourself as much as possible so that people don’t think you’re just adding them and selling things. A really useful idea is to create challenges or competitions that target a specific group or people.

When people see that you’re willing to follow them too, this shows them some kind of favorable profit, which everyone is interested in. These days, having an active profile is vital if you want to gain popularity, fame, or even earn money. Just like with all things in life, to be successful requires hard work.

To successfully grow your profile, you need to post several times a day, post on your feeds, make story updates, and of course, engage with other profiles. Visiting other profiles and interacting with them, such as liking or commenting on their posts, will help them see you easier. Instagram automation can also do this for you based on your settings.

The true benefit of using Instagram automation is not just about saving time or reducing your marketing responsibilities but to have plans for your actions. The first step to progress in your musical career is to have a plan. By doing so, you can find out what kind of users you need to engage with and what kind of posts you should publish.

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Making the Most of Instagram Automation

If you consider the relevant users and take action with relevant content, then you’ll get the best of Instagram automation. For help, you can consult with the service provider so that you can do the right thing for your account. Another recommendation is to learn more about marketing automation, that way, you can better judge where you’re at and what you need to do to progress.

What should you expect from Instagram automation? I have a belief that what you expect is what will shape your satisfaction. For example, if you assume too much or if you assume that something is not reachable, then you will get disappointed. It’s important to be realistic and really ask yourself questions such as, “Will I become famous on Instagram overnight?”, “Will I reach more than 100,000 audiences within a week?”, or “Will I start earning money straight away?”.

I do believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. But the true question is to what probability? You need to learn to be patient, try to do different things, and slowly build your social media relationship so that others will begin to naturally listen to your tunes or check out your profile. Of course, Instagram automation will help you, but you should also involve other strategies. This team effort is what will surely reach your goal or eventually achieve your dream.


Who is your Target Audience?

The final thing that I want to add is this vital question, “Who is your target audience?”. If you don’t know how to target your audience, then all of these strategies I’ve shared will not work. For example, promoting your hip-hop songs to people who prefer heavy-metal is not really an ideal choice. That would just waste your time and resource.


Here at We Do Promotion, we know exactly how to target your audience. We have an additional service called ViralProof that is built especially for promoting your profile on Instagram. This is an organic growth service specifically designed to help increase your Instagram growth.

I built ViralProof to promote Instagram profiles easily through a targeted audience. With its custom options and features that fit your needs, ViralProof stands at the top as one of the best services for Instagram growth.

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