Failing as a Musician – How is it Possible?!

Nedd Pel

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Failing as a musician is not something that many who are passionate about music would want. In fact, for most, this can be the daunting thought that might stop them from really bringing out their true talent or skill.

However, knowing how you can fail at being a musician can definitely help you look at the bright side of things. Many studies have been done to understand the power of learning from mistakes and how they can help you move forward.

In this article, I am going to share with you 3 common reasons on how it is possible to fail as a musician. Though reading about how you can fail may not be a conventional topic, nonetheless, having this perspective can provide you the advice needed to avoid the failures that musician wannabees often face.

Failing as a Musician

Reason number 1: ALWAYS Relying on Someone Else

Everyone lives separate lives, so it is inevitable that people will have their own schedules or worries. Relying on someone else to help you kick-off your music career, such as waiting for your mum or dad to buy all of your musical equipment, will only lead to you to become impatient and might even lead you to totally forget about practicing for your upcoming gig.

Relying on someone else to do pretty much everything for you to succeed will certainly cause you to fail as a musician.

Another good example is waiting for the “right time”. So many musicians have the mindset or belief that because they are so good or have such great talent that someone, like a music producer or pub manager, will just notice them out of the blue.

If you have a look at all the well-known musicians around the world and their personal background, you will realize a pattern of hard work. None of these people reached where they are now on the ladder of success by sitting on the couch and waiting for a manager to burst through their front door.

What these famous musicians did was they got out of their comfort zone and showed the world what they could do, whether it was through busking or marketing themselves on radios. From my personal experiences, it was ALWAYS through hard-earned effort that I made it up there.

Failing as a Musician

Reason number 2: ALWAYS Making Everything Perfect

Forming habits can be very easy. Getting rid of habits, on the other hand, can be quite the test of resolve. Humans are creatures of habits, so with everything we do, we try to form them into habitual behaviors.

Sometimes one habit can lead to another, so if the habit is a bad one, then you can be sure to have another bad habit coming soon. One of the bad habits that musicians have and can be very difficult to let go off is to want everything to be perfect.

It can begin with wanting their music to be good enough, then their instrument to be top-notch, even onto their practices having to be spot on. Without these perfections, they believe that they can’t play properly.

Having this attitude will absolutely and without a doubt lead you to fail as a musician.

If you are just starting to be a musician, then don’t expect to make the perfect album or put together the perfect piece of music. It’s fine and normal to want to make things better, but if this delays you from releasing your album or prevents you from putting more music together, then you’ve got a problem.

What you should be thinking about is how soon you can get your music or yourself out there. Practice really does make perfect, but this can’t happen if you keep going back to the beginning and are worrying about everything being perfect. Most career success comes from moving forward and from continuously improving, not from waiting for the day you are perfect.

To make it as a musician, you need to focus on getting your music into the market and strive to continually perform or play better. Accept the fact that you might make mistakes and have the attitude that nothing is ever entirely in your control. A wise musician will ALWAYS have at the forefront of their mind the importance of performing for their audience rather than performing for themselves.


Failing as a Musician

Reason number 3: ALWAYS Giving up When Hard Work is Required

This tip is not just for those who want to fail as a musician, but for every single individual who wants to fail at anything in life. When things start to get tough or hard, then the best solution for these failures is to just plain stop!

Giving up once you see things requiring hard work is an approach that will definitely never get you anywhere, especially as a musician.

When people ask me how I became successful, I usually give them the pointers that I learned to get what I gained. Most react intriguingly, but once I mentioned all the worked I put in to get to where I am, they all of the sudden became disinterested.

I have learned that life would not be life without difficulties. Life would not be life if things weren’t easy or things never got hard, so complaining and giving up is pointless. Isaac Newton said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so in other words, he was saying that we will always face resistance, one time or another.

What gets us through this resistance is the effort. Pure, hard effort on our part. Sure, people can help us get through things, but one way or another, we have to face our own difficulties.

This thought might be discouraging, but for a great musician, this obstacle is only another wall to climb over because they know that once you are over that wall, then you can ALWAYS expect a roaring crowd.

The Plan to Fail (or Succeed)

So, those are the 3 reasons for failing as a musician. I hope that you can learn from my experience and take my advice on how it is possible to either fail or succeed in your music career. With so much competition and with the growing musical industry, the world will only accept those who rise above the others.

If you want to stay at home or live an easy life, then these reasons can surely help you stay where you are. But, if you want to be one of the legends, then be prepared to set aside these reasons and to go against the tide. Just as I made MY choice, the choice is YOURS!

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Nedd Pel

Founder & CEO of We Do Promotion

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