6 Strategies to Apply Before Releasing Your Single

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One of the best ways to establish yourself well in your music career and build a strong fanbase is to release a hit single. Nowadays, the music industry is very competitive. There are literally millions of talented musicians and singers out there, so you have to make sure that you keep up with the best of the best.

These strategies I will share with you will help you reach as many listeners as you possibly can before you release your single. The way you plan your release can play a huge role in its influence, so it’s true when they say that “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”.

I personally learned these strategies along the way, improving as I continued to establish myself. In fact, I was around the age of 16 when I released my first single. This became a big turning point in my music career on how I began releasing my singles from then on. As a result of my experiences, I’ve been using these 6 strategies to help me get the most out of my singles.

Formulate a marketing plan

Before you release your single, the first thing you need to do is have a marketing plan. It won’t do any good just releasing your single and then waiting and hoping for good results. You should create a marketing plan way in advance, at least a few months before your single’s release date. In this plan, prepare different stages of your marketing campaign and think about promotional strategies for every stage.
You should even create a timeline for your plans so you can gain insights on how you can boost your sales or keep its momentum going.

As I’ve mentioned in one of my articles, there is more to your music than your tunes. It is just as vital to have marketing strategies. Questions such as how you are going to introduce your new single or how you want to excite your fans about your new release are things you could start thinking about to get you planning. A successful artist is one who always has a well-thought-of marketing plan.

Before Releasing Your Single

Decide your methods of distribution

To add to your marketing plan, deciding what methods you want to use to distribute your single is very important. Which methods you choose will have a huge impact on your revenue. For example, some artists prefer to release their single for free to help them get noticed while others prefer to have their single be purchased.

Because there are a lot of platforms online that you could make your single available to, one piece of advice would be to make your single free on one platform and for sale on another. This could be a good strategy to see what method is more successful. Make sure, however, that your singles are always a vailable on your website as this can be a perfect means of increasing your traffic and obtaining email addresses of potential fans.

Don’t forget to register your work

With all your singles, never forget to obtain the required licenses to protect them when others plan to use it. This is also a good way to collect revenue for your music. Registering your singles is a necessary safety measure that will certainly prevent others from misusing your music for their own personal gain.

Make sure to update your press kit

Whenever you release a single, you should always be updating your press kit so it can have information on your single. Releasing a new single is an ideal time to edit your bio too. For example, you can include a short description of what inspired you to come up with the single or how it changed you in the process. This will help others relate to you on a more personal level. It would also be a good idea to take new press photos to help highlight your new release.

Don’t forget to update your press kit on your website so your fans and regular visitors don’t miss out on anything new. You can even provide streaming and purchase links that can easily take people to your new single. Additionally, updating your press kit will make it much easier and more attractive to bloggers and journalists who want to write about you or your new hit single.

Design visuals that will compliment your single

First, you want to always have your marketing materials and visuals readily available. You want to have a massive hype about your release so having this prepared early can save you a lot of time in the future. Some common visuals you can put together are posters and music videos. If you’re planning to have a music video, you should have this completed before you implement your marketing strategies.

Make sure that when you make a music video, you ensure that it is in line with your marketing campaign so that all of your materials are consistent with the brand. It will actually help you better if your music video has its own promotional plan. Videos are one of the greatest marketing tools you can use these days with so many social media platforms available.

Maintain your single’s momentum

If you’ve planned everything in advance, then this might be the hardest part for you. By this stage, you should have your single already released. Once it’s released and is catching the ears of many listeners, you need to take advantage of this situation and help it keep the momentum. A wise decision would be to start thinking ahead about releasing another single. This is a great strategy to capitalize on your single’s success by seeking more fans, such as through gigs or sponsorship opportunities. The key here is to be proactive and use this period to your advantage.

Before Releasing Your Single

There have been many artists in the past who have climbed the ladder of success and have built themselves a large fanbase with just one hit single. This should be proof that it is definitely possible and that you can do it too. You might just need some tips or hints on how you can achieve this,
I hope these strategies have been insightful for you. As you follow these strategies, you can be sure to increase your chances of reaching many more listeners.

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Nedd Pel

Founder & CEO of We Do Promotion

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